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February 5
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Aros. by WeirdWhovian Aros. by WeirdWhovian
:iconweirdwhovian: WeirdWhovian

Anthro / Digital Media / Other©2014 WeirdWhovian
I finished his design woo. I don't think it will be his final design, but. meh. :p
Anyway. The reason he is 'glowing' and and stuff, is because. Well. Hes dead.
A little background story;

Aros, (Norse, and means 'From The Rivers mouth." was a deer, with a light shade of colour. He was a quiet boy, during all his school years. He was respectful and kind tho, and tried hard to fit in, but couldn't.
For this, he was heavily bullied, including for his fur colour. Ever since from elementary school, to highschool, to even college. One day, when walking home in the evening during winter, he met on the biggest douchebags on from the school. He eventually got in a fight with them. He killed one of them. But the two others, were harder to fight against. Since they were near a big lake, they managed to knock him out, and dump him in the lake. When he woke up, he was ice cold. He tried to breathe, which was a major mistake. He looked up, and all he saw, was the little ray of the moonlight, that was shining down, and through the ice. He tried his hardest to knock the ice into bits, but with no luck, and he eventually froze to death, which is the reason why his lips are purple. The police the next day, didn't find him. A year later, still no luck, until, one of the bullies had confronted them about what he had done. The other bully, however, was not found, as he suddenly had lost contact with him weeks ago. When they were on the way to the lake, they used submarines to track his corpse. They, however, found something on the radar, deep deep down in the lake. They decided to search for it the next day.
The next day, the radar tracked two things from deep down the lake, so they decided to dive into the water to look. When they saw what was down there, they almost went into shock. What they saw, was nothing, but the two corpses of the dead bullies.
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